How To Create A Gif!

There are many ways to create a gif. If you wasn’t sure on how to create a gif here is a quick way to create one. First on illustrator you select the pieces that you want to animate. Each piece that you want to animate you will export by right-clicking and selecting export selection. Once you have selected each piece you want animate, you will then export them into a file. Then you will open app Photoshop from there you will import import the files by going to file then import the video frames to layers. Once you have your…

What Colors Are Best!

Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash Have you ever worked on a project for a presentation for someone and had the perfect colors drawn out, then you went to upload the presentation on a outdated computer and realize that some of your colors are different than what you picked out. One of the reasons this happens is because you didn’t use safe web colors. Safe web colors are colors that are just that safe for the web. It is not as common as back in the day, but some people’s computers do not carry certain colors which will not allow you to showcase…

The Top Ten!

Photo by Saulo Mohana on Unsplash When you’re new to the field multimedia designer sometimes it can get hard to know which direction you want to take with your degree. As I was researching jobs these where my top 10. Multimedia Artist Creative Director Architecture Engineer Drafter Graphic Designer Product Designer Logo Designer Animator Photo Editor Photographer Web Designer These job range from about 30,00 to 100,000 a year. Its you path in which you decide, I hope this list helps you on you journey to success.