Computers Are Like Us.

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When I think about a computer, it reminds me of the human body. There are different kinds and makes of computers, which are fought about all the time in the computer world.  Every part has a role to play for your computer to work properly. A computer’s basic components need each other to create a great computer.

In a computer you have basic components such as the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and the power supply. These are like a human body’s main pieces, without these you can not have a fully functioning computer. The motherboard I like to think of this as the heart of the whole computer system. It is the key circuit board that connects everything together and tells it where to go. It’s the beat of the whole system. Everything has to go through the motherboard to operate. The Processor or CPU(central processing unit) is the brain of the system. The latest intel processor built is the i9. The CPU is a computer chip that delegates all instructions to each component, and tells it where its suppose to go. RAM and Hard Drives are the memory of a computer. The RAM or random access memory is the short-term memory the stores all the temporary data of the systems that only stays on the computer until it is powered down unless you save it. The hard drive is the long-term memory that everything is saved on permanently from the RAM. There are external and internal hard drives, which internal hard drives are located inside the computer. External drives are drives that are not. The SSD, also known as solid state drive can be put into a computer. It is a memory bank but just uses microchips, which is faster than normal hard drives.

As told on, it explains the expansion cards of a computer. The expansion cards are also called PCI (peripheral components interconnect) cards, which consist of the video card, sound card, network card and bluetooth card. I like to think of these as the senses of the computer. The video card allow you to see on your computer through the monitor. The sound card allows you to hear what is being played on your computer. The network card gives you access to the internet. The bluetooth card allow you to connect to wireless devices, like the keyboard and mouse that allows you to type and click data into your computer.These cards are all connected to the motherboard. The USB ports, which are cable connectors, allow you to connect external devices outside your computer. There are so many connection ports a computer has for its best success as explained on Utilize Windows. These ports also allow main items like the keyboard and mouse to work with the computer.

The power supply unit is just that POWER. It provide energy to all the components of a computer through a wall unit. It reminds me of the blood in your body that circulates throughout your whole system. Everything in a computer is covered by a case for protection. It acts as a skin. Every piece of the computer has a role to play.

Just like humans, computers have different backgrounds and makes, such as IBM, Dell, Mac, Gateway. There has always been a strong competition between PC and Mac computers. Their operating systems and software, which make up the computer are slightly different. Most PCs are ran from Windows, which is the most common but can use Linux. Opposed to Mac, they use OS X Tiger operating system. BT further explains their difference in system. Both PCs and Macs are great computers they just have different styles and features like people.

You have to protect and maintain your computer, just as well as your body. For example, making sure that you have the right ergonomics such as posture while on the computer, and taking a break from the computer helps your body . Putting on the protective software in your computer helps keep  your computer safe. When I just step back and think about how be built computer, I can’t help but think how they are so much similar to us as people.


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