Everyone Has A Camera!

Cameras! Cameras! Cameras! In the time I grew up, disposable cameras were the thing to use for pictures. You had to take the film into a store like Walgreens or Walmart to get it developed. Digital cameras has put those to rest. Now technology has upgraded, there are so many digital cameras at hand, most everybody has them. There are so many to choose from.


Point-and-shoot cameras also known as compact cameras. These are the everyday cameras that most people buy. These cameras are great for beginner photographers. Point-and-Shoot cameras are cameras that have one lens that have automatic focus also with other settings. These cameras are equipped to where you don’t have to or you are unable to change settings for the shutter speed, ISO, or aperture. They are made to think for you. It has less control of your photos. Some usually come with video recording features. They are also known for their inexpensive prices and convenience, since most of these cameras can fit into your pocket or purse.

Cell Phone Cameras:

Cell Phones Cameras are just that, cameras built into your cell phone. Almost every smartphone has a camera built into it. They are small compact cameras that are for  your convenience, similar to point-and -shoot cameras but smaller. Cell phone cameras are able to take pictures as well videos. They have less control over there settings, but are upgraded through the years because we live in a world where convenience is a priority. Apple is using there upgraded camera features as a selling point because everyone loves selfies and catching everything on camera. Now people use this cameras with selfie stick to have better angle for their pictures.


Camcorders are a simple devices that record videos and audio. People mainly use these if they need quick video work and home videos. Real estate agents might use one for showcasing the inside of a house.


DSLR cameras also known as digital single-lens reflex, is a camera that uses mirror mechanism to project light into a image. Photographylife.com describes DSLRs as cameras that uses mirrors to reflect light back into a senor capture an image. This mirrors allow you to see exactly what you are trying to take a picture of through to the lens, and then is moved when you press the shutter release. I love these cameras because you have total control over how you want to capture your subject. This is what makes this camera different from the point and shoot, and cell phone cameras. With DSLRs you are able to change lens.

DSLRs allows you to control the “exposure triangle,” which is the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Aperture allows you to change the focus just to your subject and blur the background. Shutter Speed control how much light is allowed into the camera. You can slow it down or speed it up to create the perfect picture, depending on if you have a subject is in motion, or is still. ISO is the quality of light. The ISO controls the sharpness or dullness of light. If you are in a bright area you would want a lower ISO, to not make your light to exposed and harsh. In comparison, you would want a higher ISO to bring in as much light as possible for a better photo. All together, the triangle allows you create the perfect picture by allowing you to focus on your subject, whether only focusing of one subject, then deciding if which your subject is in motion to change to shutter speed, and deciding how bright and harsh you want your photo because of your lighting. All this can be manually controlled on DSLRs.

Since DSLR have more features and manual settings, it is capable of more accessories for better photo. You are able to put DSLRs on tripods, or mounts, which is a stand for your camera. Most DSLRs come with video recording features with you can attach microphones, or if you need more light, you can attach external flash units. To secure it in your hand, you can use grips. There is so much that DSLRs offers.


Mirrorless cameras are similar to DSLR, except that it does not use mirrors. You see straight through the viewfinder. You are able to control are features, and can changes to lens, as well its accessories. Photographers, and blogger use Mirrorless and DSLRs because of the control of settings of these cameras.

All theses camera are great. To me it’s what you need it for that depends on which one is right for you.

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