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Searching the web you can find all kinds of free sites. Sometimes you may need video footage for a project you’re working on that you ARE UNABLE TO to shoot yourself. You have a couple of options. You can outsource and pay someone els which will take a lot of time, or two you can find video that are already made. Majority of time there is some who has done what you are looking for, including the editing like slow motion, fast forwarding, and the themed background music.  There are so many site for that reason. These are the top 5 sites that I found an interest in:


www. Istockphoto com.

In this website you’re able to get 4k video clips and stock footage for prices ranging to $60 and up. They have a wide range selection of quality video stock and it is good. They also have flexible plans for multiple videos and clips to fit anyone’s budget. My personal ratings for this website is 3 of 5 because there are other video stocks that are more qualified.

This site features HD video clips that are royalty free. If I had a corporate business I’d use it because it has more to offer than other sites I’ve visited. It’s priced plans start at $79 and go up from there. On my radar I’d 3.5 rate out of 5., because of quality videos and the amount you get per month.

This is one of my favorites because who doesn’t like FREE. Pexels Video provide a lot of  royalty-free video footage. A lot of member are upcoming designers wanting to showcase their work. With this site it also allows me the opportunity to put my creative masterpieces on its website. I would rate this site a 4 of 5 because you get what you pay for and someone has already done the work for you. 

This website has it all. Anything you need in the digital media industry including royalty-free video stock. Though it is not a free website, its prices start around $16 a month. (Which is fairly cheap for unlimited downloads.) It would rate this website a 4.5 out of 5. The unlimited access of media including video, picture stock, wordpress themes, and more makes this site worth its monthly fee. 

 This website is also where free video stock is at hand. You can create an account and have access as well as give access to royalty free stock. I would rate this site at a 3 of 5. I like it the site but I have seen better quality in video stock sites.

When it comes to video stock be sure to read the creative commons license as it applies to each video. For those who didn’t know, the creative common license is the right to the video and how it it suppose to be used. For example, if to person published his video for commercial and personal use as long as you give credit, you must do so because you will be in violation of their license. As a videographer, you must put what are your terms in the license. If they are buying it is great to put how much it will cost and how to pay.

Although I am just starting my collection in making stock videos. I will soon put some up for free, but I will also put some up on sites to make money.


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