I Can’t Help But Click It.

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Have you ever been scrolling down on a site and seen those annoying flashing advertisements about hairspray, or those shoes that  you have been looking at but have been trying to avoiding shopping because you are not trying to spend so much money. Then you try your hardest but you can’t help but click the button because they look so appealing and draws you in. A lot of time companies are using animated web banner ads to draw you in.

As a designer we are responsible for creating this addictive or annoying web banner ads. I have came across a lot of them in my day  and there are some that have been designed awesome


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Here is and an example of  a nice and to the point web banner ads. I liked it because it made you feel calm and settle with its color brand of the company this made you want to choose them to move a car whether you had one or not. My only suggestion would have been to not have made the cars so animated.

Example 2:

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This ad to me has a few glitches. It has a very nice layout with text and alignment but the message is not clear on what is being sold. You can see the logo but you don’t know what type of company it is. Is this a grocery store or a fruit store. I would give better detail with what is being branded, or change the image to get its message across.

Example 3:

Related image

This web banner ad has TOO much going on . Someone created this to sample a design. There is too much text on this web banner. Typography is not consistent and there are too many images. But strangely I like the color palette.

Example 4:

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I love this layout. The message is clear and very nice layout. I would change anything in this ad.

With these web banner ads there are so many ways to lay them out. The main thing is to be constant and portray the message you want correctly. I love these type of jobs.


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