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Beginning my journey as Multimedia designer, I began to do a ton of research to see exactly where I would find my niche in this industry. I quickly realize that there are so many job possibilities. The multimedia industry is booming! There is truly no better time than now to be apart of this rapidly growing industry  I have compiled a list of my top five career choices. Hopefully this saves you a few extra hours of internet research, enjoy!

#5: Advertising Manager

I was thinking about a career as an advertising manager, because it allows me to be over a company’s selling market. With this job you need top-notch creativity, business, and marketing skills because it deals with knowing how to brand and create advising content  such as logos, commercials, and flyers. Careful consideration, as because I would be working for a company rather than self-employed, and over people instead of independent.

#4: Game Editor

As a game fanatic, I have always dreamed about working to create games. Brandt Synder, a video game editor, also shared the same dream. He did this by creating his own small games in high school, and took his knowledge to the next level by attending Emerson College and took every game related course to learn the computer animation software, which is important for the career. This let me know what I needed to channel in on for a career as a game editor.

#3: Film and video editor

If pictures can be worth a thousand words then videos must be worth millions. I love the uncontrollable impact of emotion a greatly edited film can have on an audience. The possibilities are endless when it comes to editing a phenomenal work of art. To be successful with the job is to know your software, have a creative mind, and work in a timely manner. There might be some legal

#2: Animator

Animation is one of the best things created. I loved cartoons but process that goes behind it is insane. Animation goes into way more than just cartoons. They work with commercials, special effect in movies, advertisements, and more. You have to know animation software such  as Adobe Illustrator and MAYA, according to Rasmussen College. You can find work without a degree or certification in animation, but most employers prefer to hire with degree. If you love the love the long hours, and the creativity to make things come to life that you would love it.

#1: Photographer

You can simply be photographer. As a multimedia designer, have great knowledge on how to take a great photo, and Photoshop. You can be your own boss with this job, having your own studio and taking portraits of people and subjects. I love this because its freedom. Of course you have to maintain the rule of Photography and its copyrighting laws. That’s what is drawing me to this career.

These were the things that help me with my choice as an Multimedia designer. Though the possibilities are limitless in the digital realm, it is up to you on what you want to concentrate in.

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