My Dream Job!

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Off every weekend, paid six month vacation, and 3 hour shifts but get paid for an eight hour shift are examples of what people want on their dream jobs. If everyone dreams of that perfect jobs everyone would be happier in life because everyone would be living on purpose. You always here of people complaining about their job that they hate (although sometime it is the to people). I feel that if we actually work in a profession of something we truly liked I feel that People would be more positive all around.

If I would describe my perfect job it would be to become a creative director over my own multimedia company. A creative director for those who don’t know is the person who oversees projects in the multimedia field, such as photography, branding, and web design..A lot of people want to just be in charge and not be challenged. I want to take this role in a different direction. I would want to be more engaged with my employers and work hands on with them. With my experience in the working field, some bosses that I have worked under forget what it was like to be in a lower level position,, and are unrelatable. I don’t want to be that person. I would want a office that is open to suggestion. As a designers no matter how experienced you are, there is always room to learn something no matter where you are. My company would focus in on photography and and branding businesses and entrepreneurs In my dream world,. I would make it convenient that if I wanted to come in its optional but everyone has access to me during business hours.The office would have great business hours, with paid vacation, no weekend work(optional) and holidays off. My dream job is in unrealistic it just going to take time, and experience and dedication.

In the meantime, i scrolled on the internet to see if there was something that came close to what I am looking for. It is a creative director job posting on I liked it because of the role I would be in the company and its location. Even though the salary is not where I would prefer, i would still consider this job. I also thought about crowd sourcing jobs and individual client work until I work my way up to my dream job. I feel that this will get me the experience as well as independence and growth to walk into my long term goals.


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