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As I am beginnnig to step out into the world of multimedia, I have seen a plethora of jobs listing for Production team members. These were a couple of entry level positions that caught my eye on Indeed.

The first is Videographer for a company named Scout in Nashville Tennessee. This is a entry level position that is great for dipping your feet in the water of multimedia production. This is great for a person who is a team player but is self-motivated. The company what prefer your skill set to include two to three years with video production and editing experience, they also I want you to know your way around the Adobe Creative suite and Google suite.I like this position because I like working as a team but also I don’t mind doing things by myself. The starting salary is great for an entry level position.

The second is a video editor 4 a company call Luminous. This company works on videos or some multi-level videos. For this job they really want you to be familiar with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. The salary of this entry level job is between 30000 to 35 thousand a year. What caught my eye about this position is that they’re willing to learn and teach as you go. A lot of jobs require experience but this job would prefer but isn’t required.

The third is media editor for a company in California called Together We Rise. With this position you will be post editing video working with a team. What this position you need experience with DSLR cameras and familiar with Adobe Premiere and Photoshop software. I like this position because I like helping people in need especially foster care children, which is also required for this position. This position also include great benefits such as your birthday paid off, and free lunch Fridays.

This next position is a audio engineer in Washington DC for a company called Studio Center. This company stood out to me because family oriented job. With this job oh, you must be efficient and the sound production software, a self-starter, and fast paced. With this job I feel that I can fit right in.

Being in the multimedia production job hunt search I like that majority of employers I want to see your work and portfolio. Most of them want you to email them your resume as well as your portfolio. This comes in handy because your work tells it all for your job skill set. This is great for people who are not the best with communicating with others. I feel that based on my skill-set I would be great for all of these positions.

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