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I love today’s world we live if you don’t like the picture you took of yourself, you don’t have to take a new one. Adobe software has provided many ways to transition your images into masterpieces. This software is a great software to have as a multimedia designer, and something I enjoy having. The possibilities are endless.

As a multimedia designer you are constantly showcasing your work with presentations of your photos. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most frequently use products used in the digital artistry world. It is a program that you can upload you photos and edit them in limitless ways. You can turn an ugly photo into a beautiful image. Photoshop even allows you to keep it simple and just editing photos. For example, you can change a person’s red eye glare in a photo, or even crop things out of them. Though there may be errors that can occur, as complication in uploading, freezing screen, error message, a blue screen, or even an unexpected restart. Adobe Photoshop offers quick instructions to fix all of those problems on their Adobe website.

As A Multimedia Artist, Adobe creative cloud software consist of a program called InDesign. This software is a program that designs printed layouts. Further explained on, it talks about how Adobe Indesign allows you to produce print and online layout of pages, such as magazines and other documents. DreamWeaver is what you would use to design websites. It is an easier way to build HTML, and code websites without having to know a lot about it.

You don’t just deal with prints and photography as a multimedia artist, Adobe also offers software called Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Audition. These three are great for videos that you will use in your projects and presentations for a commercial company.. Adobe Premiere Pro is a video edit program which allows changes to clip and movies. Adobe After Effects is a program that you can add visual effects to your videos. This is great for presentations, when you want to add words or animations to your clips. Adobe Audition is a program where sound happens. Audition is where you fine tune your audio and can add sounds effects. All these software programs are great for creating and editing the perfect videos and slides for your presentation as a Multimedia designer.

To be more on the creative side, Adobe also offers a program called Adobe Animate. This allows you to create animations. Formerly known as Flash, explains it as a place for animations. Animate is where cartoons come alive, which are great to know if you had to make animations for a future employer.

Adobe creative cloud is the best software to have as a multimedia designer. Although, any software it not perfect. You still might have difficulty install, uninstalling,  and glitches, which are easy fixes, I still feel as that Adobe creative cloud is out of this world. You will enjoy it as much as I do.


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