What Colors Are Best!

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Have you ever worked on a project for a presentation for someone and had the perfect colors drawn out, then you went to upload the presentation on a outdated computer and realize that some of your colors are different than what you picked out. One of the reasons this happens is because you didn’t use safe web colors.

Safe web colors are colors that are just that safe for the web. It is not as common as back in the day, but some people’s computers do not carry certain colors which will not allow you to showcase a color if it is not set for the web. Currently there are 216 safe web colors. What are systems updating colors are in better variety and safe web colors than before.

Another series of colors are called spot colors, based on adobe.com spot colors are colors types that uses pre-made ink colors. These are spot colors are very useful for printing. Spot colors were created to get a better tone of the color that is needed.

Color all have a system to creating them. To help identify them things such as CMYK, HEX, and RGB were made to set values. Based on Neglia Designs CMYK colors are cyan magenta yellow and black, which which are together bye small dots that overlap each other to create new colors. RGB stands for red green and blue. These are colored that makeup colors with red green and blue. Hex are 6 digit combinations made up of numbers and letters that are mixed from the RGB color mode. As you can see in examples these are how the numbers are created. RGB, CMYK, and hex are all different because each of them work well in different sightings. For example, you would want to use RGB for the web, but you CMYK for printing. Each of these color mode have their strengths and what they are used for. These color mode help you get consistent colors for branding because whatever color mode you decide to use, you have reference to each color.


There were many ways colors are used for it’s up to you on how you use them.


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