What I Love About InDesign!

Photo by Matan Segev on Unsplash

InDesign is an underrated software. As a designer, InDesign is one of the best when it comes down printing and Webb, especially when creating documents like letterheads magazines and brochures.

I have five top tools that are the most useful in InDesign in my opinion. The first would be the select tool. This tool allows you to select anything and move it to where it needed on you artboard. The second is the text tool. The text tool allows you to insert words into your document. From here you are also able to choose whatever font of your liking. Third, I would have to say the frame tool. The frame allow you place rectangles, circles, or frames anywhere in the document for things such as images or text. My next choice would be the pen tool. With this tool you can make any shape, figure, or form with points. It is tricky at first but  as soon as you get the hang of it you will fall in love. Last but not least is the direct select tool. This tool allows you to move the anchors points anyway needed. If you made an angle too small you can use this tool by selecting the point and moving it. These tools made me fall in love with InDesign.

As a designer, it is easy to make a mistake while making a brochure, magazine, ebooks. or any project. One of the things that I love about InDesign is Pre-flight. Pre-flight is where it screens your work for any errors, such as picture that will not load, things like wrong fonts or spacing errors. This come in handy when you have a 100 page magazine that you are making sure everything is correct.

I love making ebooks in InDesign because of these tools it provide. Thanks to Michael Hart, the inventor of e-book in 1971, we are able to have easy access to these ebook, which I now design. These have become popular because they are easy access. Ebooks are easier to design  in InDesign.

These are some of the fun facts of why I like InDesign.


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