What Makes It Go Faster?

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Have you ever came to a website and kept refreshing the page or just didn’t even bother looking it up because it took too long to load, you decided to go to another site. As a web designer, these are the things that you have to be careful of. Making your website load as fast as possible separates you from the mediocre from the professional. This is important because you want to attract as many people to your website. In today’s world most people are impatience and don’t want to wait on anything especially website, when there are millions more to browse.

Besides shortening the coding or even going to websites like pingdom.com to help load your page faster, one of the best ways to make your website load faster is to make your image size as small as possible. By making your images size small as possible it allows your website load as fast a possible. If you are using jpeg, png, or even gif. There are ways to do so.

If you did not know jpeg stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. A jpeg is a loosely compressed image that is up of pixels, or little square to make up an image. Jpeg are commonly used for photography based images. One of the ways you can shrink a jpeg is by using JPEGminipro. This is a website that allows to shrinks the size of the jpeg, which if you are using jpeg images on your site. This will help your page load faster.

Another image file format is a gif or Graphics Interchange Format. A gif is a bitmap compressed image format that are used for graphics, images and animations.

PNG or  portable Network Graphics is a compressed file format that are great for images and online graphics. These are almost the updated version of a gif. With these images are great for all around use for online graphic which makes these great for websites because there file sizes can run a lot smaller depending on how you save them out.

Depending on what type of image you want to use, making your image size smaller is the simplest way to make your page run faster, It is all up to you as the web designer.

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