What’s That Sound!

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Whenever I watch a movie or listen to music I listen for the background sounds and the suttle beats in them. If you pay attention you’ll realize in cartoons putting the sound of footsteps as someone is walking makes that action more realistic than no sound at all. Not everyone has an ear for making sounds for a living because It has to be precise.

Majority of these sounds are created by a designer that creates sound effects. They will use objects or project certain sounds or noises to create the sound that they are looking for. For instance, If the need of the sound of a door slamming is wanting in a film, they will record a door being slammed. While creating animations and movies, sounds are key to make this come to life.  Also with studio microphones people also create voice overs for projects. This comes in handy for presentation work, movies, commercials etc. Having the right equipment is vitally important. It is very disappointing to have a great quality in video, but the audio is terrible. One way to help that is if you have a camera with a built in microphone. If not then It is better to use an external mic to better the quality of the video entirely.

So while you have things to equip yourself with the right elements for sound making, an important source to have after your creations are done is great editing software for your project. Software such as Adobe Audition and Audacity are great programs to use when editing. Sound editing programs allow you this fix, touch up, and finalize sounds because you want the best in sound effects..

While doing my research I looked to see what jobs they had available for sound creators. During this time I found a job listing for a sound technician and with this job you must operate and maintain sounds systems for different forms of entertainment. Requirements to score a job such as this is knowing sound system software,mixers and sound equipment. The starting entry level finance rate starts at 16k and tops out at 56k depending on your experience. In this field you can make a ton of money ,but you must have a great ear for sounds.



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