Who Are You Attracting?

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Have you ever went to a website that really didn’t appeal to you.? It seemed as if it was made for old people, but selling for young adults or kids. One of the reason is it didn’t not cater to its target audience. One of the first steps while creating a website is knowing who your who your target audience is who do want to appeal to or your customers you are trying to get to purchase your product.

To reach your target audience you must study them. In an article on Convince&Convert.com by Jordan Loftis, it talks about how to research your target audience. If you choose for example to go after middle age men as your target audience. You would want to study the market and what are the audience needs, for instance the sales and survey of what they like.

One of the ways to make sure you are attracting the right audience for your website is to convey surveys. Understanding what your customers want will help sell your website because you can not go off of what you want it should be about the customers and the people you are trying to attract. You would not want to design a website for tools and hardware and you have a color scheme of pinks and purples with daisies and roses and your target audience is middle aged masculine men. You want to design with the target audience in mind, and not just what you like.

As a web designer, you can excel at targeting your audience by simply using your designer skills. You would want to know what colors, fonts, images, products and sales appeal to the group are are trying to sell to or attract. That way you can build your website based of the customer, which attract the right people. Keep your audience’s attention is key a well. You must keep up with the trend and understand that is OK to have room to grow with expanding your design when it come to your customer but still keeping in the line of your branding guide. The PurpleBox.Digital talks about the ways to keep attract your audience.

This are ways to really make sure you are staying on track with your market. The little things count. Understanding that it what to customer wants and not about you is key, and to stay on track with your audience.

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