Why Are We So Responsive?

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With all of today’s technology we have so many ways of access to the internet. This is so amazing compared to years ago when your main access was dial up. As we look on our cell phone at websites and compare it to the site shown on our laptop, each layout is  different. No there is not a different website for cell phones and another laptops and tablets. The way they make each website adjust to each screen regardless of what device you are on is making the website responsive.

A responsive website is basically a design where is is formatted to adjust easily to any screen of size. Becoming a web designer it is very important to now make your designs in this manner because now we as everyday people don’t just get on their desktop computer and surf the web. Internet access is everywhere so people get on their cell phones, tablets, and laptops anywhere. Can you imagine making a website displayed only for a cell phone screen on a widescreen computer monitor. Having a responsive web design is also important because it increases the positivity of the user experience and makes it more likely for your clients to return.

Thanks to Ethan Marcotte who came up with the idea to have different layouts for any screens made it so convenient for the society today. Lucky we have software programs to help us develop and design these responsive layouts. One of these programs is called Adobe Muse. Muse is an Adobe software that you can create and design a website without having to the heavy lifting like writing code. With Muse, it is a great software because it allows you to design your layout and create it responsively.

If you like creating websites, here are couple of job i found that really stood out while researching responsive web designers.

  1. Front end Web Designer- UI/UX
    • Responsible for creating responsive website for the team
  2. Associate Web Designer
    • Responsible for creating responsive WordPress themes
  3. Web designer
    • Responsible for creating responsive website utilizing latest web and email designs
  4. Responsive- Web Developer
    • Responsible for creating responsive websites
  5. Email and Web Developer
    • Responsible for creating responsive website and communication for the team


With these job listing have range from 35,000 to 75,000 per year which is a great start. They all want to know the basic computer language, such as knowledge of Bootstrap, HTML, Photoshop etc. This is perfect if this is what you love to do. If developing responsive website is your thing and passion, I hope this gave you some insight or a refresher.

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