Why We Test?

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Just thinking about website design can sometimes can make your brain hurt. With web design  it is not about you. You have to think about who is your audience and who you are trying to reach. As a web designer, you have appeal to your audience, and know know what is appealing to them. One of the ways we do this is AB testing.

AB testing is simply creating different varieties or layout of a website and see which one attracts the most out of your target audience. For example, If you were create different layout to attract the mom. you would try a design using a purple layout, and other with a pink. Which ever one attracts more traffic, that would be the layout you would use. VMO.com goes on explain why you should AB test.  This is important because test is important because it impact traffic and revenue, depending on the type of website you are designing. This is important for a designer because this impacts their work and how they design. This depict how they layout the website. Things such as fonts, headers, and links are things that the designer has to keep in mind.

One of the things that are tested are the UI/UX design. Simply put Usertestblog.com describes UI or user interface design  as the way audience connects  with a digital substance like, touchscreens or buttons etc. UX or user experience is the ways to user reacts to the product.  This affects AB Testing because these are ways you test it. You see how your audience interacts with whatever you are trying to promote. This help you get results for what you are aiming for.

This is awesome because as UI/UX designer they are in high demand. Looking online you can find all sorts of UI/UX designer jobs. For example, the is a UX designer for Adaxatech with a compensation of 38 to 50 per hour, which is not to bad especially just beginning. You will be inspecting designs. With basic knowledge of the UI/UX industry, and experience with software such as illustrator you can land this job.

With the knowledge of why we test, how and why it is important as a web designer. This is why everything is affect on how we layout out designs and layout counts.


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