Why Wireframe?

Photo by Galymzhan Abdugalimov on Unsplash

For the average person, many do not know how to begin designing a website. There are many strategies into doing so. One of the most vital important steps to creating the website is the layout. This is where everything will be placed on the website including text, images, videos and icons. As a website designer, one of the way to do this is to wireframe a website.

Wireframing it simply a layout or blueprint plan of where everything will go on your website. This is important because you don’t want to randomly just start placing items on a website and expect it to just be pretty. Wireframing gives you guidelines of where images and text are to go and how. Therefore, if the person creating your website can quickly identify, for example if you want your text to be center on the page, they can see how to place the text, or if you want an image on the top left corner of the page it is show how big to place and where it is to be placed.

Some people have did it the old fashion way which is it paper and pencil. I have found that with time and the age of advancement to technology. It is easier to wireframe digital because to convert your actual images and text is a faster process than by paper and pencil, but to each is own. This also gives you more opportunity to accurately structure out each individual component  so all you would have to do is place an item you are finished.

There many many site and resources that provide you with wireframing tools.

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